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Pix By The Numbers: October 2022 Update

Pix is the instant payments scheme developed, managed and operated by the Central Bank of Brazil. It launched in November 2020 to instant success.

Growth in Transactions

The total number of Pix transactions continues to climb. There are now over 2.54 Billion Pix instant payments transactions per month.

Pix Transactions

Nearly 1.25 Billion Pix transactions occurred the most recent quarter of 2022.



Transactions By Type

Business-related transactions continue to drive the growth in Pix. 32% of Pix transactions are business-related, including P2B (e.g. consumers paying businesses), B2P (e.g. businesses paying consumers) and B2B (e.g. businesses paying businesses).

Percentage of Number of Pix TransactionsPercent Value of Pix Transactions

These business-related transactions are being driven by P2B. Today 22% of Pix transactions are P2B compared to 6% when Pix launched 2 years ago. Merchants love Pix. It’s much cheaper for them than other forms of payment. And, they get their money instantly.

P2B, B2P, B2B Percent Pix TransactionsPercent Value of Transactions


The average value in October of 2022 of a P2B is $39 versus to $166 per transaction for B2P and $1,123 per transaction for B2B.

Average Value Per Transactions

Pix Users

Over 92% of all Pix users are consumers and 11 million businesses use Pix.

Percent of Users using PixBusinesses Using Pix

Transactions By Age

82% of Pix Transactions are by consumers aged 20 - 49.

Percent of Transactions by Age


Aliases in the Pix Directory

Pix adoption was driven in part due to the directory managed by the Central Bank of Brazil. The directory contains the alias that consumers and businesses associate with their financial accounts. There are 4 types of aliases – mobile phone, email, tax id (companies)/SSN (consumers) or randomly generated number. Consumers can have up to 5 aliases per account; businesses up to 20 aliases per account.

There are nearly 523M aliases across 356M accounts.

Number of AliasesNumber of Accounts

For more information about Pix, check out The Pix Story.